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Advantage Photography

About Advantage Photography – our preferred professional photographer in Port Moresby:

Advantage Photography is our preferred professional photographer for all our marketing and development needs at Airways Residences.

“Our work is everywhere in PNG….”

You will have seen our photographs and images on billboards and posters, in calendars, books, newspapers and magazines, brochures, annual reports, websites, CD covers, on product packaging and wrappers, in lightboxes at the airport and even on the sides of buses.

You may have come across us covering a sporting event, concert, church service, conference or wedding … company function, fashion show, awards night, product launch or government announcement…. although most of our photography is out of the public eye and in the studio or boardroom, from a helicopter or boat, down a mine or on a plantation….

You will have heard our audio productions on TV commercials, radio ads, electronic phone banking, hotel telephone ‘on hold’ systems, corporate AV presentations and video productions. There is no other independent facility in the country with more commercial audio experience. In fact, our productions are heard across the nation 24 hours a day – many times an hour. However, we have found ourselves focusing more on photography than on audio over the past year or so.

We do not usually shoot or make TV commercials and corporate videos etc – though we are occasionally involved in ‘post production audio’ and ‘audio sweetening’ on projects.

Several productions feature in other Pacific Island countries. We also have clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Holland and the UK.

Much of our work is commissioned by advertising agencies representing most of PNG’s major companies, government departments and statutory bodies. Many of the brands we are involved in promoting locally are global names.

We don’t present ourselves as an advertising agency – although we obviously do have considerable experience in areas of that field – and are happy to advise clients who approach us directly – but we are a very small company and are not geared for general advertising agency work. However, we can boast that despite our small size and having few staff, we have actually employed a considerable number of Papua New Guinean artists for our productions.”

Richard Dellman and Leanne McMillan